Frequently Asked Questions

Media monitoring is listening to who’s saying what about your brand, your competitors, your industry, and any other topic that’s important to you and your operations. When it comes to public relations, you can’t be in the dark about anything. You absolutely need to know what’s going on, not only with how your own organization is being presented and perceived, but with everything around you; you need to know what your competition is doing and where your industry is going. Media monitoring will help you to gather above mentioned information.

No. Tracker is solely focused on media monitoring only.

Monitoring your organization in print and online media helps you find out what your brand image looks like right now. Media monitoring helps you to know do people talk about you on interviews, on social media, on forums, or on review sites. A good media monitoring report enables you to track the whole lot from a single dashboard.

Our tracking services will track your organization’s performance on in every media platforms. It can monitor print, online, e-media, social media mentions of any given topic. To know more about this kindly visit our website’s ‘Services’ section.

Media monitoring is a great strategic tool to measure and improve the effectiveness of your communications. You can closely follow how much media attention your actions receive. Do you reach your target audiences? Do you get the reaction you intended? Media monitoring data works as a reliable source for decision making.

With a media monitoring service, you can closely follow what is written about your company and what the tone of the discussion is. Speed of the essence especially in social media where discussions – both positive and negative – arise quickly.