Salma Khanam

Salma Khanam | CEO

Tracker is led by its our CEO Salma Khanam.

Salma has developed and honed her skills in the corporate and diplomatic world at the US Embassy (Dhaka) for 14+ years. Ensuring all financial transactions done with complete back linkage and transparency is her core passion. Salma is a versatile character with the talent to meet a continually changing set of different goals and circumstances.

In addition to media monitoring industry, Salma is also actively playing role as a leader in PR, media buying, and television program production industries. She is involved in various social and charity works as well. As the President of various school committees, Salma is contributing to the development of future generation. Moreover, she runs an Autism Center with her own capacities in village. Salma is also a board member of Heroes For All.

Tracker Team Members

Rasedul Islam Imran


Communications Specialist, Digital Media Monitoring Expert
8 years in media monitoring industry

Faishal Ahmed

Faishal Ahmed

Assistant Manager

PR Monitoring Expert, Analyst, Account Manager
6 years in media monitoring industry

Mohammad Shameem

Mohammad Shameem (Robin)

Sr. Executive & IT Support

E-Media Monitoring Expert
10 years in media monitoring industry

Kazi Sadia Afrin Sharna

Sr. Executive, Content & Communication

Content Specialist
4 years in media monitoring industry

Md. Shahin Alum

Md. Shahin Alum

Sr. Executive

Ad Monitoring Expert
10 years in media monitoring industry