News Monitoring

This service enables clients to monitor for any news based on given ‘keywords’. It can be done to get knowledge about own brand and/or competitors’ media presence. On the other hand, one can also keep an eye on industries or news segments related to his/her own interest.

Tracker provides News Monitoring Service mainly through these ways:

Daily Reporting

Daily Media Track: Contains client’s and competitors’ daily news coverage with scanned copy in PDF format.

Daily News Alert: A comprehensive daily report that includes all coverage with synopsis of the news items.

Coverage Report: Contains full coverage share of any specific activity (events/program/PR) in newspaper, TV, radio and online news portal.

Online Dashboard

Tracker CMS (Content Management System) is an exclusive online CMS based reporting service. Our reports are supplemented by clients’ 24/7 access to Tracker CMS to manage the daily and monthly PDF reports and charts & graphs.

  • It is a customized service as per the client requirement.
  • It enables the client to monitor their along with competitors’ media presence right from the desk.
  • It comes with comprehensive archiving and analysis that provides data comparison facility round the clock.

Ad Monitoring

Tracker monitors all press ads from national newspapers and magazines and archives the data in a specially developed customized software named ‘Media Analyzer’.

Tracker provides Ad Monitoring Service mainly through these ways:

Daily Reporting

Daily Ad Track: Contains client’s and competitors’ daily press ad info with scanned copy in PDF format.

Daily Ad Alert: A comprehensive daily press ad report that includes all published ad info with synopsis of the ad campaign.

Ad Campaign Report: Contains full coverage share of any specific ad campaign in newspaper and magazine.

Weekly/Monthly Reporting:

The weekly or monthly ad data is shared as per the client need. In this type of reporting, mainly industry-wise data is delivered to client.

Media Coverage Analysis Service

We provide varieties of qualitative media measurement reports and analysis, including:

Monthly Analytical Report

Monthly Analytical Report presents the category share of competitors’ PR Coverage with Top Activity of the industry (PR value breakdown) and campaign details.

Trend Analysis

Tracker provides two types of trend analysis. One shows the clients’ trend and the other one shows the industry trends.

From this analysis, the clients will come to know about recent news or ad publishing trend over a timeline.

Competitor Analysis

How the competitors are doing in the media? Which media outlets favor them more with positive news coverage? Or in which media the competitors are interested in placing ads? These and many other questions are answered through this analysis.

Tonality Measurement Analysis

It measures the positive or negative tone of the news published in the newspaper. This analysis helps to identify the impact of the news that it will create.

Impact Score Analysis

Impact Score Analyses is a unique system for evaluating the effectiveness of communications. It measures news hits and their favorability impact on target audiences. As a result, the client will be able to identify the effectiveness of the messages of news item which will lead the client to develop an effective communication strategy.

Qualitative Statistical Overviews

This measures messaging, tonality and volume of media coverage and comes up with an integrated output.

Competitor Intelligence Overviews

All competitors’ coverage analysis in a single report. Key competitors can be scrutinized specially in here.

TVC Spot Monitoring

The services include:

Spot Positioning Summary Report against the Shared plan: A comparison between the actual and planned data which shows the actual spots aired in different TV channels.

Summary of GRP Gained against aired spots: Shows the actual Gross Rating Points (GRP) gain comparing their planned spot position.

Actual TVC Monitoring Report Log: The report log showing the missing spots (if any).